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Management Systems International - industry knowledge and experience come together to integrate disparate ERP and operating divisions for informed decisions.  If your company has grown through acquisition, spun off or emerging… MSI is your solution for making better, faster and more profitable decisions based on experience and field tested aids.  Management Systems has teamed with industry standard Microsoft - SQL Server, Excel, .Net, .Net Grid Control, ASP.Net and LINQ.  In addition, MSI has real time experience with the most common financial and ERP solutions including: SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft, Microsoft Dynamics, Infor, MAPICS. 

  • Delivering real-time powerful business analytics
    • Showing trend lines, variances and mission critical measurements;
    • Measures performance to goals and commitments;
    • Emphasize profit centers and accountability by entity.  

MSI has over 25 years of experience with large, small and medium sized companies. MSI knows how to increase the bottom line of companies at affordable rates with industry tested financial and business processes. MSI uses years of expertise to "mine" data from systems to gain financial and tax relief for companies worldwide.

MSI will support your staff with minimal supervision to start or complete financial and operational projects that impact business.


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MSI is your solution for making better, faster and more profitable decisions.

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